Monday, 17 March 2014

DAY 88: See it? Report it - Don’t wait!

Thames Valley Police has launched a campaign to encourage people in rural communities to report suspicious incidents to police immediately.

 ‘See it? Report it - Don’t wait!’ is the message from Andrew Dunn, the newly-appointed Community and Rural Crime Information Manager of the Force Intelligence Bureau.
 Andrew said: “Gathering intelligence and information is a vital part of investigating crime and it can’t be done without you. It is this intelligence which will allow us to find, prosecute and convict the people who are committing the crimes which are affecting your community the most.
“It’s also extremely important to report anything you might find unusual or suspicious, however unimportant it may seem at the time, as soon as you see it. Please don’t wait to make the call.”
It is now even easier for people to tell police about suspicious circumstances, as they can now email the rural crime desk inbox directly, as well as calling the 101 number. If you have information or intelligence you would like to share with Thames Valley Police, no matter how big or small, please either email or call the 24 hour, non-emergency number 101. If you believe it is a crime in progress, please always dial 999.
Those who live and work in rural and farming communities are encouraged to tell the police as soon as they see anything out of the ordinary.
The information, no matter how trivial it seems, could be vital in helping police to prevent rural crime and catch perpetrators whose offences can have a massive impact on rural communities.
If you notice something that you think is not quite right, or anything that you might mention to a neighbour – mention it to the police.
Andrew added: “We are aiming to continue building links between communities so that Thames Valley Police can get an overall intelligence picture surrounding rural crime.”

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