Wednesday, 5 March 2014

DAY 85: Podcast released about hare and deer coursing, Aylesbury Vale

The Aylesbury Vale local policing team would like to raise awareness of deer and hare coursing. These offences are not only considered to be a form of cruelty inflicted on animals but raise concerns and health risks in relation to food hygiene preparation when animals are used for human consumption.

Some individuals and groups within our communities are particularly drawn to the pursuit of deer using firearms and dogs, the process of tackling the issue is, at best, extremely challenging. The police rely on people in the countryside to report the finding of any deer remains no matter how insignificant itmay seem. If it can be determined where poaching is happening and to what extent, the chances increase of catching those responsible.

PC Dean Kingham,  local wildlife crime officer, said: “This type of wildlife crime is difficult to combat and I would urge the members of the public to contact us immediately via 101, if you see anything suspicious. This could include vans or vehicles parked in lay-bys and/ or numerous dogs being walked across the middle of the fields. If it is safe to do so, make a note of vehicle details and descriptions of the people involved."

Listen to our podcast: (opens new window) to find out more about why hare coursing and poaching is a problem for rural communities and what to look out for.

If you have information or intelligence you would like to share with Thames Valley Police, no matter how big or small, please either email or call the 24 hour, non-emergency number 101. If you believe it is a crime in progress, please always dial 999.

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