Monday, 3 March 2014

DAY 83: Digging ditches on land boundaries is the favoured crime prevention measure to warn off poachers in Oxfordshire

According to farmers and landowners across the Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire, the most successful deterrent to hare coursing and poaching activity has been digging ditches on the boundaries of the fields favoured by poachers and hare coursers.

Field and land in the Ewelme Wallingford area has suffered repeated, extensive damage to crops as a result of being driven over by 4x4 vehicles overnight. Landowners and gamekeepers suspect this is related to people poaching deer.

Landowners have prevented poaches from gaining further access by blocking off gaps in hedges where signs of access can be seen.

If you have had similar problems, the Thames Valley Police farm security survey can be found on the website.

The security assessment has been put together by our crime prevention and reduction advisors and it contains low cost, practical advice around securing land and property.

If you see any suspicious activity or suspect poaching or hare coursing is happening on your land, report it via the 24 hour non emergency number 101 as soon as you see anything.

If you have information or intelligence you would like to share with Thames Valley Police, no matter how big or small, you can also email our rural crime intelligence desk at

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